Clark C25 – 5,000lbs

Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck
5000 lbs


Standard Features:
Hyundai Engine 189″ TSU
Strobe B/U Alarm
Rear Grab with horn Sideshifter


Manufacturing, Warehousing, Recycling, Beverage/Bottling and Trucking


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Features & Options:

The GEN2 C20-series is designed to be ergonomically, powerfully, safe, durable, and dependable. These models, designed for distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types, are suited for the toughest applications.

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Operator Compartment:
Fully Adjustable, Full Suspension Seat

Molded for support with non-cinching, retractable seat belt

Tilt Steering Column

Adjust to suit operator and provides easier entry/exit

Minimal Arm Fatigue

Electronic directional controls enable true fingertip operation

Thick Molded Floor Mat

Reduces vibration and noise level to improve operator comfort

High-Performance Hyundai Theta LPG Engine

• The 4-cylinder, dual overhead cam engine produces 70 HP and 140 ft-lbs to torque @ 1600 rpm for superior performance. • Internal, self-lubricating chain-driven cams and automatic chain tensioner provide long-life and protection from debris

World Recongnized Yammar Diesel Engine with Vertical Exhaust Standard

• Durable, easy to start, easy to service, excellent fuel economy • Low-emission indirect injection = reduced noise level

EPA Compliant
One Piece Frame

• Heave duty, welded & formed steel plate protects from impact damage and extends the life of the truck • An integral hydraulic sump, with remote breather provides cooling for hydraulics in though applications.

Hydraulic System:
Maximum Horsepower

Uses load-sensing flow control valve to reduce heat build-up

Optimum Performance of Attachments

Main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions

Sectional Design

Allows for easy addition of extra functions and simplifies service

Upright Mounted Load Lowering Valve

Controlled lowering independent engine speed

Dash Display:

• Monitors condition and controls function of truck systems • Controls neutral starting and prevents cranking while engine is running

LCD Display

Hourmeter and maintenance interval are displayed

LED Lights Indicate

• Transmission temperature • Engine oil pressure • Alternator Charge • Fuel system malfunction • Park brake applied • Maintenance required • Seat belt • Maintenance required • Seat belt

Push Switches

Headlight and optional workings are controlled with push switches

Upright & Carriage:
Maximum Visibility

Nested I-channel allows space for cylinders, hoses and chains

Hydraulic Cushioning Valve

Silent staging reduces shock and vibration

Shimmable, Sealed & Canted Rollers

Carriage has 6 rollers to maximize load distribution and reduce free play

Brake System:
Simple & Error Proof

• Foot applied brake can be released by hand or foot • Transmission disengages when parking brake is set preventing driving against brakes • Horn will sounds if brake is not set after 3 sec

Steering Axle:
Rugged “Double Shear” Design

To withstand impact without loosening or breaking

Simple, Double-Ended Cylinder Design

Provides additional steering force


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