Landoll Bendi B30AC



Standard Features
Electric LED OHG Dual Headlights
198″ TSU Amber Strobe
40″ Forks Back Up Alarm
Vinyl Seat





Bendi Rear Wheel Drive Narrow Aisle Multipurpose Electric Forklift

The Bendi model B30AC works in aisles as narrow as *78″ (1.98M), has a basic capacity of 3,000 lbs. (1363 kg) at 24″ (600mm) load center and has lift heights available to 26′ (7.92M).  

The Bendi B30AC is a 4-wheel articulating forklift with dual independently driven rear-drive tires and soft-poly front load tires. Excellent traction, braking and power enable climbing steep ramps with loads. Three or four stage masts are available making this unit excellent for loading/unloading trailers and containers. The B30AC can also work inside and outside on paved surfaces and has a floating front axle allowing the truck to ride smoothly over uneven floors. The Bendi B30AC does all of the jobs of reach and counterbalanced trucks but in much narrower aisles.

Exceptional Performance and Maneuverability

Equipped with the Landoll DuraSteerTM front wheel hydraulic steering, the B30AC provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition.

Maximizes Material Handling Productivity

The versatile Bendi B30AC forklift replaces conventional reach and counterbalanced fork trucks in standard warehouse operations. The unique design allows operators to use it as a counterbalance truck indoors or out, yet operates in narrow aisles in your warehouse, replacing reach trucks that require much wider aisles. The Bendi B30AC has large diameter tires and the truck has great under clearance for avoiding floor obstructions. This forklift can go from inside the truck to the rack eliminating staging and additional operators and support forklifts.

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Additional information

State-of-the-Art Electronics

• AC Traction and Hydraulic Motors Ensure Minimal Maintenance and High Efficiency • High Efficiency Curtis AC Controllers Provide Trouble Free Operation • Interactive LCD Status Monitor (BDI with Lift Interrupt, Hour Meter with Service Monitor, Diagnostic Code Display, Input Device Calibration) • 48 Volt Electrical System • Cold Storage Conditioned to -22°F (-30°C)


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