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Clark GTS25 – 5,000lbs

Clark GTS25 – 5,000lbs PSI 2.4L Engine 189″ TSU 42″ Forks 41″ Side Shifter Solid Pneumatic Headlights Strobe Light Back Up Alarm Wet Brakes Flex Guard Want More Information on… read more →

Princeton PB55+ – 5,500lb

Princeton Piggyback PB55+ – 5,500lbs LPG 12′ Mast 48″ Lumber Forks EZ Hitch Mounting Kit Rear View Mirrors Want More Information on the PB55+ Click to View Spec Sheets Get… read more →

Clark S25 – 5,000lbs

Clark S25 – 5,000lbs Ford LPG Engine 189″ TSU 42″ Forks Headlights Rear Grab Bar Strobe Back Up Alarm 41″ Side Shifter Console Want More Information on the S25 Click… read more →

Baoli KBD35 – 7,000lbs

Baoli KBD35 – 7,000lbs Load Cap. 7,000lbs Diesel 189″ TSU 43.3″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Rear View Mirror Solid Pneumatic Tires Tilt Steering Entry Grip Back Up Alarm 3rd Function Reeving… read more →

Linde HT30T – 6000lbs

Linde HT30T – 6,000 lbs LPG 185.8″ TSU Split Pedal Solid Tires 45.3 Side-Shifter 42″ Forks 3rd Function Reeving Spotlights Back Up Alarm Strobe Want More Information on the HT30T… read more →

Linde HT25T – 5,000lbs

Linde HT25T – 5,000lbs LPG 184.2″ TSU 45.3″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Reeving Mast Strobe Headlights Split Pedal Solid Tires Headlights Back Up Alarm   Want More Information on the HT25T… read more →

Doosan D30S-7 – 6,000

Doosan D30S-7- 6,000lbs Diesel Engine Soild Tires 189″ TSU 41″ Forks Back Up Alarm Stobe Grab Bar with Horn Front & Rear Flood Lights 3 Way Valve Want More Information… read more →

Doosan G25N-7 – 5,000

Doosan G25N-7 – 5,000lbs LPG 189″ TSU 41″ Forks Back Up Alarm Rear Grab Rear View Mirrors Strobe Front Flood 3 Way Valve Want More Information on the G25N-7 Click… read more →

Baoli KBG25C – 5,000lbs

Baoli KBG25C – 5,000lbs LP Nissan Engine Cushion Tires 186″ Mast 38″ Side-Shifter Vinyl Seat Back Up Alarm Orange Seat Belt Rear View Mirrors Entry Grip Tilt Steering LED Spotlight… read more →

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