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Large Variety of Rentals Available

Forklift Rentals

Our fleet of forklifts provide ample strength, lift height, and features needed for most applications. From yard forklifts to warehouse forklifts or rough terrain lifts – you can always rely on us for your material handling equipment.

Yard forklifts are equipped with pneumatic tires, similar to a car or truck tire.
Easily operate on uneven surfaces and rough terrain.
These are commonly used on construction sites, lumber yards, indoor, and outdoor warehouses.
Capacities Available for Rent:
• 3000# • 3500# • 5000# • 6000# • 8000# • 10,000# • 15,500# •20,000# •25,000# • 35,500#
Units are available in both diesel and LP (LPG)
Warehouse forklifts are equipped with cushion tires. These tires are made of smooth solid rubber. Warehouse Forklifts are best on smooth surface applications, primarily indoors or on loading docks. They also help with handling in smaller spaces, as they usually have a smaller turning radius.
Capacities Available for Rent:
• 3000# • 4000# • 5000# • 6000# • 8000# • 10,000# • 12,000# •15,000# • 30,000#

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Electric warehouse forklifts are an ideal lift truck solution for most indoor and warehouse applications. With compact models available, the Core Electric Forklift is capable of moving most any standard load while maintaining the ability to fully operate in spaces as small as 11 feet wide.
Capacities Available for Rent:
• 3000# • 4000# • 5000# • 6000#

Rough terrain forklifts typically feature a much sturdier heavy-duty construction. These units must be capable of withstanding outdoor elements like rain, wind, and even corrosive materials. Rough terrain forklifts feature special tires to maximize traction and stability over uneven or rough terrain.
Capacities Available for Rent:
• 5000# • 6000# • 8000# • 10,000#

Boom Lift Rentals

Boom lifts give you the extra reach you need to work over and around obstacles on the job site. They offer exceptional outreach, high capacity, versatile performance, and they’re easy to maintain.

Boom Lift RentalsTelescopic boom lifts have straight arms and are commonly referred to as “Stick Booms.” Telescopic lifts usually have higher weight capacities and offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform.
Heights Available for Rent (Ft):
• 30’ • 45’ • 60’ • 65’ • 80’ • 85‘ • 120’ • 135’ •185’
Articulating boom lifts have arms that bend, making it easier to move the bucket around obstacles. Also known as “Knuckle Booms,” these units are very versatile and work well in areas that are hard to reach.
Heights Available for Rent (Ft):
• 30’ • 45’ • 60’ • 65’ • 80’ • 85‘ • 120’ • 135’ •185’

Scissor Lift Rentals

Scissor lifts are used to elevate workers to high areas, and they are most commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings. An advantage to scissor lifts is that they feature large platforms that can fit several people at once, along with materials.

Heights Available for Rent (Ft):
• 19’ • 26’ • 32‘ • 43’

Telehandler Rentals

Telehandlers have the power, reach, and versatility to get the job done. Telehandlers are used mostly in construction, mining, and agriculture sectors.

Telehandler rentalsCapacities Available for Rent:
• 5000# •5,500# • 6000# • 8000# • 10,000#

Specialty Lift Rentals

We also offer specialty lifts. Side-loader for long loads as well as narrow aisle swing mast forklifts.

Combilift is a specialized forklift that is space-saving and very productive handling long and bulky loads. 4-way Combilifts work as a counterbalance, side-loader, and narrow-aisle forklifts.

The Bendi forklift will work in narrower aisles. These are articulated (bends in the middle) counterbalance style forklift trucks.
Drexel SwingMast gives you four trucks in one; performing like a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a side-loader, and a turret truck.
Models are available in capacities from 3,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds, with 3 or 4 stage masts with lift heights to 30 feet

Add-on Rental Attachments

Bale Clamps

Roll Clamps

Carpet Poles

Long Forks

Extra LP Tanks

Long Term Rental

Equipment can be rented for longer than 6 months with our special Long Term Rental Leases.

These flexible options allow you to have optional maintenance, along with easy monthly payment plans.

  • No Cash Up Front
  • Tax Advantage
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Central Fleet Management

Rental Maintenance

Your job is demanding enough without having to worry about maintenance on a piece of rental equipment.

Let us provide maintenance on your rentals, put an end to costly downtime.

  • Over 40 Technicians State-Wide
  • Technicians on Call 24/7
  •  No Over Time Charge
  • On-Site Maintenance

Equipment Delivery

We make getting your rental equipment easy. 

You have the option to pick up your rental or we can deliver it to your location or job site.

Rental Pick-up & Drop Off Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

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